Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prepping for the Boy

I feel like this is the latest I have put off having everything ready for baby before they arrive. With Anabelle, we painted and had new furniture, and all new diapers, and gosh you name it! With Ruby, I didn't have to buy much as she was the 3rd girl and didn't have her own room in our tiny house on the hill. Now for this sweet boy, I have clothes, I have some diapers, and a changing table. haha I have a plan for most of the rest of it, but I find myself thinking of a whole bunch of things we forgot to plan for... umm.. baby blankets anyone?? haha Anyway, I'm not concerned, we have a plan for most of it and more importantly.. we are prepped and ready to labor and birth in our house! :) At the moment I'm sitting on an exercise ball with my shirt pulled up and my big ol' belly hanging out, mostly bc the AC hasn't started working in the house yet and it is blazin' hot.
I have written list upon list of things "to do" things "to make" things "to buy" and still nothing has been officially accomplished. Growing this boy has been tough! Definitely my most difficult pregnancy, and I really can't say that I have much to complain about, I kinda feel like a big wimp! haha After having done my own prenatal care with Ruby and birthing her so easily to this... yep, It leaves me feeling wimpy for sure.
On a more positive note, let me invite you into our pregnancy so far. And to get you into our frame of mind, I'll start by sharing what I feel is really the start of our journey with our baby boy. Last spring around the end of March we got news that we were pregnant. We had been working on this for several months and since this had been the first time we had to "try" to get pregnant we were ecstatic! A few weeks into the pregnancy, I started spotting and when that turned to bleeding we went for an ultrasound. Everything looked fine on the screen, we could even see the little gummy worm squirming around in there. However, not long after that, May 1, to be exact, we were scheduled to interview a midwife and about 15 minutes before she showed up, I felt the amniotic sac pop and everything came out. It was the most surreal moment I have ever experienced. I knew instantly what had happened and was already in the bathroom so I sat on the toilet and let it all pass. I couldn't look at anything but I called for Eric and I think he instantly knew something was wrong. He came and held my hand as I cried and the life I was growing slipped out of my body. Once there was a break, I got up and went to the bed. Eric confirmed the loss and also confirmed that we had been carrying a boy. Our first son. I heard him break down from the bathroom and my tears turned to sobs. We contacted the midwife we were about to meet with and she helped over the phone with details of what to do over the next day or so. I continued bleed for just a few days and then, it was over. Almost as quickly as we were pregnant, it was gone. He was gone. My heart hurt. I was so angry. Other people and their stupid happiness made me even more angry. Even those who tried to understand and told us they were sorry and couldn't imagine what we were going though... I wanted to punch them in the throat.
As always, though, time heals, and eventually my anger went away and God's grace moved in. I was able to look back and be thankful for the opportunity to have been pregnant with a boy, and even though I would have rather met him, I was/am able to grasp the understanding that I'll meet him one day when the time comes. We named him Caleb and planted a tree in his honor and so the girls would have a tangible way to understand his passing. Every now and then one of them will mention that they miss him and my heart breaks all over again.
In July, we found out we were expecting again. I was nervous and excited and I cried, a lot. It felt different this time though. Everything about it felt different. There wasn't an urgency in having some one to care for me. I wasn't doubtful, just more aware. My midwife later described these feelings as having lost my innocence and that describes it so well. All of my other pregnancies had been perfect with barely a complaint. I never had anything to worry about and I never worried! This time though, every little feeling made me think "uh oh".  After a few weeks of normal pregnancy, we decided to search for a midwife. Eric was confident in birthing unassisted again but I just wanted a different experience, one with more women involved. :)

We looked through a few bios and websites of different midwives. I looked back over the ones I had contacted with the previous pregnancy but was pretty uninterested in going back down that path. The midwife who helped us through our loss was wonderful. I am absolutely positive we were meant to have been in contact with her for that reason. It just didn't feel right to go back down that path though, so I searched out new avenues. A friend recommended a woman she had interviewed as a doula and CBE years earlier when she was having her first. Even though she didn't hire her as a doula she still though this was a good fit for us. Not gonna lie, after looking over her website and reading through her bio and seeing all she has put together.. that was it for me. I really didn't even need an interview. I emailed her and we scheduled an interview anyway (per what the norm is). We told her our story, she answered a few questions, and I was pretty much like "Ok! I'm ready to sign the contract and get the ball rolling!" Oh I forgot to mention.. When I contacted her, even before our interview she added me as a friend on good ol' FB!! WHAT?!  Being the nerd that I am, her social media connection was just icing on the cake! haha Eric made fun of me for basing my decision on her social media skills. haha Lets just say I am smitten with our choice of midwife. I see her accomplishments and am in awe, so not only do I trust her with our care, but I look up to her as an amazing mother and woman but also a leader in the birthing community. Someone that I can glean knowledge from just by being around her.  And like I've said before, all of my closest friends have seen my lady parts... this has got to be a good sign of a friendship to come. So beyond my woman crush on our midwife, we have had an easy pregnancy. Outside of the normal "complaints" that come, I am healthy and babyman is growing and doing fantastic. We found out right before Thanksgiving that baby was in fact a HE. The naming journey has been a silly one. We agreed on William David Wehmeyer, I love it... but... I'd like to shorten William... we are going back and forth between Will and Liam. It's a tough choice. We will just have to see his little face to know for sure. A great friend of ours threw us a shower in March to celebrate him and we themed it a "man shower" complete with lots of meat and other manly food. If we could have included guns and 4-wheeling and other manly things we would have. Being in a residential community did not allow for that so we settled on lots of meats and man-themed decorations. We were blessed by lots of friends and family with their love, lots of hugs, and goodies for our baby boy! Since then we've continued to acquire all the little things needed to comfortably welcome a newborn into our house. All the birthing supplies are ready (with maybe the exception of our birthing tub, which has a few spots needing patches), and plans are in place for our amazing birthing team to be here. The team consists of our midwife and her assistant, a friend we asked to be a doula, and a photographer. Of course E and I will be there and the boy will join eventually as the star of the show. So, now all that is left is the waiting.... and waiting... My daily pregnancy update today (at 39+4) said, "Your baby is done developing and is just waiting to be born!" Hahaha This made me laugh big time! We are all pretty sure he is in there for another couple of weeks. He is actually measuring right on track for being ready to pop out in a couple of weeks.

So I guess the next post will be his sweet birth story... Date- TBD

Baby shower pictures: 

Birth tub!! 
Big ol' belly
Just growing

Our first diapers!! 
This girl loves to snuggle up to my belly and says "Hi baby Lilliam"

They are all so sweet! I can't wait for them to meet him!

Here is the birth kit we ordered! Just like Ruby babyman gets a born at home shirt! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

3 am rambling...

Last year, for several months, I prayed prideful prayers asking for what I thought at the time to be in my control. I was naive in my thinking and was rude to the creator. One prayer in particular I even challenged him... ha how He must have laughed at such an immature girl. He gave me what I asked for knowing it wasn't good for me. Not punishing me for my behavior but teaching me that, He does indeed, know best and know all. How could I be so silly? When that dream slipped out of my body not only was I humbled and brought to my knees but I was thankful for his mercy and grace too.
And now as this wild force rocks my belly back and forth running out of room and soon to be earth-side, I am blown away by his forgiveness and restoration  and fulfillment of promises.  He is a good God and a mighty one too. (Que 90's music, what a God what a God what mighty good God)... yeah I went there...
Thank you Jesus for giving me a new perspective and allowing me to see your power in my powerlessness.  I am graciously resting in your arms.
Now, since it's almost 4 am... can those sweet Jesus arms rock me back to sleep?

Monday, January 05, 2015


I know that typically gratitude and thanks are expressed in November, right around Thanksgiving. I felt thankful then but I feel like the new year brings for me a renewed sense of Gratitude. Right where I am in life... that's exactly where I am supposed to be. Its right where I  want to be and I get to live it out! So I figured now was a great time to put into words what has been floating around in my head since the turn of the new year. 
This last year has been a year of complete and total growth for our family. We've been stretched thin and have come out stronger, learning from everything we've experienced and trying our best to out it all into practice. I have to start with my gratitude for a creator who not only knit me together in my mothers womb, but also picked up the pieces and put me back together after losing our sweet baby last May. He's restored that loss in the most incredible way. May 1st 2014 was the day we lost our first baby boy, our second baby boy is now "due" May 2nd 2015. I can't help but feel the hands of God on my shoulders reassuring me with His promise of life when I allow myself to feel the hurt of the absence of that boy that would be in our arms right now having just celebrated his first Christmas. We have learned so much over the last 6 months or so about the heart and character of God. His Grace is truly unending and I know I'll never fully understand it but it sure is a fun and exhausting journey discovering it.
I know that the growth our family has experienced wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my very best friend and most favorite person (like EVER!), my husband. I would never have thought to ask for the qualities he has been given. His willingness to allow other men into his life to influence and teach him is amazing in itself, but he takes that knowledge that gets passed to him and in turn chooses to disciple his family. He not only teaches us what he learns about grace, he also lives it and allows us to experience it tangibly through himself. There have been a couple of times the girls have been brought to tears because of their father teaching them about Gods grace in situations where they (like all of us) should have had consequences. I'm just blown away, daily, at the love he shows. This pregnancy has left me with little sleep the last few weeks and he's been so amazing in how he has allowed me to rest and has pushed me to take better care of myself (and steps in when I don't). We Wehmeyer girls and blessed to call him ours. :)
Speaking of the girls, I know that its natural with big families, that the older kids take on roles of responsibility, but that doesn't keep me from being blown away when my girls step up to the plate! Just today, Charlotte over heard the younger girls asking me to make lunch while I was in the middle of getting dressed (I slept in) ;-) and she offered to and followed through with making them lunch to their specifications. When I came into the kitchen she said, "Well, I was going to make something for you too, but you came down too quickly." I love my little momma helpers and am so excited to see them with a new baby!! They are all naturals, even little Ruby girl! She received a "Big Sister book" for Christmas and has eaten up every word! We read it every night and throughout the days she asks things like "Can babies eat peanut butter?" or "Can babies run?" and since New years eve it's been "Can babies have marshmallows and chocolate?" :) She'll have an adjustment but I have no doubt when baby man comes, she'll fall in love. AnaB has been loving playing with both big sis and little sis. :) She has the best of both worlds there really, and although I have fears of her developing that "middle child" syndrome, I think she is coming out on top. She has the biggest heart of anyone i have ever met and is setting that example of giving for both sisters. This 5 year old is really going to change the world.

We've been given purpose and direction and the steps to achieve it. I am becoming more and more aware of how rare it is that people have that and that they choose to follow through. To be honest if it weren't for my driven and determined hunk of a husband I don't know that I would even follow through with all that we've been tasked with. I am overflowing with thanks as we enter this new year and are setting our personal and family goals, all the while resting with God as he has our paths set and will walk for us. I'll end with some super cuteness... 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


"What?! Another post?!" You say? :)
Maybe it blogging goes in seasons. When baby's are new and all you do is sit and nurse, its pretty easy to pop out a quick blog. Then they grow and become mobile and you have to chase them all.the.time. ;) there is rarely sitting and when there is a moment to sit, you either get right back up to fulfil a need or quickly pass out! Anyway, I found myself with another quick moment to sit. Big girls are napping and miss Ruby is contently playing by herself. I hope I am remembering the moments and living in them. I don't want to look back and think where did the time go. I want to be able to say we lived moments to their fullest and that I have so many memories of it all. :)
This particular moment is over. :) Little AnaB (or "belly" as we have come to call her these days), is up and reminding me that its time to go and that she is... STARRRVING ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013


What a year! I just read a draft from last year right after Charlotte's 5th birthday. Umm its almost August again, which means she's about to turn 6. Seriously... woah. *please slow the clock someone!!*
Anyway.. I have been a bad little blogger.. oh that's right I had a third kiddo... and I am nursing her... and we homeschool... and we run a business from home .. and.. and... you get the picture. I'm busy. Too busy to gather enough thoughts for a blog. I had a moment of quiet so I started this blog.. then I dozed off... then the husband and baby woke me up... then Charlotte got up. And now I have yo go make dinner. So there ya have it. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing catch up..

It seems I have to schedule my blogging. So far I've managed at least once a week. (I've been back dating ones when I post them to catch up...)
I'm just gonna catch up all in one tonight so I can get it off my chest and move on to getting our first week of HOME-SCHOOL planned and prepared! :D
Day 14: If I won the lottery... Well I plan to but by working for it. Eric and I see ourselves in the next two-5 years becoming financially free, for the rest of our lives. No need for free money.. :) We'll live as stay at home parents although we will NOT stay at home at all! We'll be travelling the beaches of the world, visiting friends all over the country, investing in our family, our children and their futures, and basically doing whatever the heck we want! YAY for free enterprise and being the 1% of America! ;)
Day 15: timeline of my day.. Well today went like this:
6-ish Rubes wiggles and makes noise, I puller her into the bed and attach her to the boob.. she eats for umpteen minutes, while she sleeps and we snuggle
6:45-ish, Anabelle starts screaming so Eric jumps out of bed thinking she is dying (I knew immediately it was a mad scream and she was just fighting with Charlotte.) 
7-something he comes back into the bed room to grab clothes and take a shower.
just before 8 he brings the girls into my closet to watch something on the Ipad because he has a live call meeting in his office where he can't have any background noise (like a toddler who screams louder than an atomic explosion) and I feed Rubes... again...
8:30-ish I remember I have to be at the church for our Home school Co-op meeting at 10 so I get up and get in the shower, and start getting ready
10- we leave the house :P 
10:15 we get to the church for the meeting
12:15 we leave and go get lunch because my little nuggets were AMAZINGLY good and even let me stand up and talk without interrupting.. too much.. ;)
1:30=bliss.. nap time :) I even got to sit outside and doze off in the sun today! It was so nice outside, I got a good dose of vitamin D and some R&R. (totally fueled me for the evening!)
3:15 girls wake up we snuggle on the couch and catch up on some Scrat (their fav. character)
Then I lose track of time frames.. everything in the evening runs together until bedtime. :)
Basically we played outside on the swings, I did some home-school research while they played in the dirt, they took a shower, Eric fixed his closet, then got ready for a meeting, we ate dinner ("Lunch for dinner" Charlotte's idea, where we eat lunch foods for dinner, so sandwiches and veggies), E went to his meeting, the girls and I snuggled and watched sleeping beauty, then brushed teeth and bedtime :)
Day 16: top of my bucket list... I've already accomplished the important stuff.. married and started our family... next would be owning a farm. :)
Day 17: My most proud moment... Each of my kiddo's birth. For me they've gotten better with each one, so my MOST proud would be Ruby's birth. It was the most AMAZING experience ever. I will cherish that moment of seeing her under the water just looking at me forever.
Day 18: meaning behind my blog name... I write about our life, as it is.
Day 19: what do I collect, hmmm.. I'm kind of a hoarder. So. I collect a lot I guess haha. right now probably fabric.. I can't wait to have the space to really get into it and DO something with all of it! :)
Day 20: difficult time in my life... hmm each "difficult" circumstance we've been, I feel like I've learned from and they've all been difficult in different ways.. right now is difficult financially because we are spending on fixing up this house... that we're moving out of.. :P and trying to save for when we buy a new house, and moving expenses, and the holidays coming up.. which will most likely be pretty skimpy on gifts. (but I am hoping to have the space to make stuff for family! :)
Finally... Day 21: my top ten favorite foods:
10 pizza either homemade or deliver.. or digorno ;)
9 chick-fil-a #1
8 sandwiches (any kind)
7 mac-n-cheese
6 garlic bread (homemade)
5 Nutrilite blueberry bars
4 salsa
3 queso
2 Avocados!! YUM!
1 Chocolate :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 13: Earliest Memory

I don't have any one in particular
The memories I have come more like pictures and feelings rather that actual instances.
I remember sitting at soccer games when it was HOT. I remember playing in the dirt at my dads softball games. I remember sitting in my MeMaw's lap. I remember hunting Easter eggs and being shown where they were. I remember stepping on a bumble bee in my neighbors yard. I remember getting ready to go somewhere in my dad's big red pickup truck and there was a bee or wasp flying around inside. I remember the nursery in my neighbors house when they had their second little girl Maggie.
Those are all around the same time frame.